InnerSound 2012

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September 2014

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International New Arts Festival

August 26-31 2013

2nd edition - MYSTERIUM

InnerSound New Arts Festival was created by young and enthusiastic artists from Romania, who gave it an unique format at its first edition in 2012. The organizer (OPUS Association) and its partners are set to offer the people in Bucharest a fresh sonic and visual oasis at the end of each torrid August.

Left: photo by Sabina Ulubeanu

InnerSound New Arts Festival wishes to create a new perspective on art music by embedding it in different visual projects – from photography exhibition, silent short movies with live music to multimedia shows. InnerSound is growing into a strong platform for the emerging composers, instrumentalists, photographers, visual artists and film directors, while at the same time including in its program internationally renowned artists (such as Alexandru Tomescu, Henry Vega, Anat Spiegel, Dublin Sound Lab or Irina Ungureanu, in 2012).

The theme of InnerSound 2013 is Mysterium. Provocative and challenging for both the artists and the audience, Mysterium refers to the European medieval tradition of syncretism. The idea of “mystery plays”, the predecessors of theatrical manifestations, is updated to contemporary secular realities. The InnerSound audience is invited to discover the hidden meaning behind every event, by hearing, seeing, feeling and interacting with the magic the artists prepared for them.

The starting point? Again, a photo by Sabina Ulubeanu.

Events in 2013:


  • MULTIMEDIA PERFORMANCES GEST (Poland) - Bytom Crew and Friends (Krzysztof Wolek - live electronics, Domink Strycharski - voice, recorders, electronics, Sebastian Smolyn - trombone, electronics, Artur Smolyn - electronics, Marysia Stoklosa & Aleksandra Borys – movement); WEAPON OF CHOICE (Austria)– Barbara Lueneburg (violin, electric violin, iPod) & Marko Ciciliani (computer, iPod, lights, video); OPUS.ART  (Romania) - Cătălin Creţu – synthesisers, electronics & Aleaxndru Dan - percussions; AROUND AND ABOUT ARACHNEEA (Romania) – Irinel Anghel (performer) & Mihai Cucu (video)

  • EXPERIMENTAL POP CONCERT from Holland: CONTROLLAR (Anat Spiegel – voice, Thomas Myrmel – computer, Gur Spiegel – drums)

  • SILENT FILM NIGHT short silent films with live music performed by a chamber music group and written by young Romanian composers, an original and exciting InnerSound event that had a huge success last year

  • CHAMBER MUSIC CONCERTS ENCOUNTERS IN TIME AND SPACE – a series of concerts that mix musics from all eras and styles, that also started in 2012. Performers: Matei Ioachimescu (flute), Laurenţiu Darie (bassoon), Raluca Stratulat (violin), Ana Topalovic (cello), Adriana Toacsen and Madalina Florescu (piano) 

  • VOCAL RECITAL ANAT SPIEGEL (Holland): voice, guitar

  • ELECTRONIC MUSIC DARK ROOM AUDITIONS  - an audio installation with international electronic musics (Henry Vega, Marcus Beuter, Octavian Nemescu, Calin Ioachimescu, Farang/Stefan Schmidt, Fluidian/Emil Gherasim, Benoît and the Mandelbrots, Juan A. Romero and more) @ BlackBox (Amzei 5)

  • PANTOMIME-CONCERTGYÖRGY LIGETI’s Musica Ricercata and Hungarian Rock (re)interpreted by Adiana Paler-Nicolescu (piano) and Mihai Bisericanu (actor)


Many thanks to all our friends who helped us through the WeAreHere platform!!!

Daita Serghi, Adriana Paler-Nicolescu, Ana Giurgiu-Bondue, Şerban Marcu, Amalia Pahomi, Alexandru Bălăşescu, Olga Tănase-Podobinschi, Eugenia Cojocaru, Liana Şerban, Mira Chendler, Sabina Yamamoto, Gabriel Teodorescu, Mariana Mihai Manolescu, Anamaria Porupca, Andreea Bradea, Nona Şerbănescu, Constantin Basica, Tudor Feraru, Corina Bordeianu, Raluca Stroie, Vlad Hurduc, Alexandra Făgărăşan, Minha Galera

InnerSound Team:

Artistic Directors: Sabina Ulubeanu, Diana Rotaru

Executive Director: Catalin Cretu (OPUS President)

PR: Mariana Manolescu

Graphic Design: Suzana Dan, Serban Jipa

Video: Mihai Cucu

Special thanks: Adina Hotinceanu, Oana Dobre, Irinel Anghel, Monica Isacescu (OPUS)

InnerSound International New Arts Festival is supported by 

Raiffeisen Bank