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Posted by innersound on August 16, 2014 at 5:30 AM

VORTEX | September 17th

10 p.m. | InSpayer

Electronic Music



Sound designer, field recorder and broken tools aficionado, Sillyconductor (Cătălin Matei) wrote music for mute films, fashion shows in Berlin (Fashion Week), Vienna or London, programmed the sound for performances and installations in numerous biennials and festivals in Norway, Spain, Germany, Italy, US etc. Among the most memorable stuff, he used 100 maneki-neko golden cats to fathom Ligeti’s mechanical adventures with metronomes, he created the Shuffler – a micro-track ultrafast software that used thousands of images and sounds at colossal speeds, he used automobile sounds to resample orchestral sources, he even conducted birds choirs with the help of a Kinect video-camera, as well as an earthquake and some other things.




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