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Posted by innersound on August 16, 2014 at 5:30 AM

VORTEX | September 18th

10 p.m. | InSpayer

Performative illusion

FUTUROPOLIS - by/with Irinel Anghel & Paul Dunca

Foto: Mihai Cucu

Conceived for a space “occupied” by a visible history, Futuropolis offers its audience a dual interactive experience through sound, movement and light. Irinel Anghel and Paul Dunca invade the InSpayer Bistro, coming from a future where matter and antimatter cohabit. They share this knowledge with the audience, by drawing them in the adventure of exploring the opposites and their unity. Mystery, surprises everywhere, transformative transitions from one room to another, interactive interventions, surreal-psychedelic atmosphere through sounds and visuals; for one hour, the audience is carried into a story that they themselves gradually compose through sensations and emotions.

The Vortex-Tree in front of the Palace (animated with laser lights) will symbolize the transformative capacity born within the dynamics of the opposites represented by the two artists and, eventually, within their integrative fusion. Between humor and gravitas, darkness and light, romanticism and savagery, sweetness and fury, seen and unseen, action and stasis, the equilibrium is always realized through complementarity.

Irinel Anghel is an interdisciplinary artist, composer and vocal performer that graduated the faculties of Musicology (1994) and Composition (1997) of the National University of Music in Bucharest. After a double Master, a PhD in Music Science and a Post-Doc program (MIDAS) at the same university, Irinel studied contemporary dance (CNDB) and actor training (Flying Sandbox project with Paul Bargetto). Lately, her activity has been dedicated to interdisciplinary, hybrid, fusion arts, developing her own direction based on curiosity, spontaneity and provocative attitudes, a vivid experiential art with surreal expansions. She calls her creations “illusions”.

Paul Dunca was born in Bucharest, where he continues to live and work. After graduating the National “I.L. Caragiale” Theater and Film University (Choreography) and a Dramatic Writing Master at UNATC, he tried never to say “NO” again. This is why his work is eclectic, comprising a very diverse expression: from dance to his own MTV show, from communitary and go-go art to representing Romania at the Art Biennale in Venice, from articles in glossy magazines and movie parts to dance performances at the National Dance Theater in Bucharest and the scene in Judson Church, New York. He is happy when he can make himself useful.

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