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Irina Ungureanu & Riccarda Caflisch

Posted by innersound on August 16, 2014 at 5:35 AM

VORTEX | September 19th

7 p.m. | ArCuB

Encounters in Time and Space IV

Irina Ungureanu, soprano & Riccarda Caflisch, flute (Switzerland)


Works by:


Albert Roussel (1869-1937): Deux poêmes de Ronsard

Toshi Ichiyanagi (*1933): Music for Art Kites

Arnold Schönberg (1874-1951): Der kranke Mond, no. 7 from Pierrot Lunaire

Diana Rotaru (*1981): 2 little whos (world premiere)

Doina Rotaru (*1981): Bocet

Philippe Schoeller (*1957): Hypnos Linea

Giacinto Scelsi (1905-1988): Litanie, original version for two feminine voices in unisone


Foto: Andreas Zihler

Another concert in the Encounters in Time and Space series, that covers an extended palette of musical languages: from Albert Roussel, Toshi Ichiyanagi, an extract of the legendary Pierrot Lunaire by Arnold Schönberg (the father of Serialism and music avant-garde in the XXth century), Philippe Schoeller or the enigmatic composer Giacinto Scelsi, to Romanian contemporary music (Doina Rotaru and Diana Rotaru – with a work written during the "George Enescu" residence at Tescani, June 2014, offered by the "George Enescu" National Museum, Bucharest).


Irina Ungureanu’s transparent beauty and “out of this world” look hide an acerbic force and professionalism, as well as one of the most versatile and sensitive voices in experimental music. Capable of modulating her singing from crystalline purity to visceral noise, from childish sweetness to feminine seduction, Irina Ungureanu has a dense and varied musical activity, from solo and chamber recitals to contemporary opera, multimedia shows or flamenco. She has collaborated with some of the most important artists of the moment and is extremely dedicated to Romanian traditional music, the Ariadne's thread of her career – among other things, she is member of the Tafeal Trio and the experimental jazz group Grünes Blatt (Switzerland).

Foto: Beny Steiner


Riccarda Caflisch studied the flute in Bern and continued her training with Wolfgang Schulz in Vienna. In order to deepen her understanding and performance of contemporary music, she completes her studies with Philipe Racine in Zurich and takes her Soloist Diploma in 2002. She regularly gives concerts with the ensemble Colegium Novum Zurich, Klangforum Vienna and is member of the ensemble Ö! (CH). As a soloist she appears with different orchestras as f.e. Berner Sinfonie Orchester, Camerata Zurich. She has done many Premieres and often works with composers of the young generation. In 2006 she got the promoting prize Eliette von Karajan. Since 2010 she is member of the Duo CO2 with the double bass player Dario Calderone.

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