InnerSound 2012

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Posted by innersound on August 16, 2014 at 5:45 AM

VORTEX | September 20th

8 p.m. | ArCuB

Multimedia Show

'Playful Vertigos & Synergic Performatism' – LeVant

Performers: George D. Stănciulescu (electronics/synth), Cristina Pădurariu (voice/flute), Maria Mora (performance/dance), Carmen Coţofană (performance/dance), Kubikmilk/Adrian Budritan & Beatrice Sommer (kinect/visuals)

Special Guest: Darie Nemeş-Bota (didgeridoo/metal bowls/caval)

Foto: Cristian Stoenescu

Swinging between variable experimentalism, playful postmodern aleatorism and the familiar comfort of electro-pop/dance sounds, LeVant’s music is in a natural movement, always exposed to accumulations, accidents, turbulences, excesses and adrenalin. Since its foundation, the project has not lingered in a specific style, but opted for adventurous explorations of electronic music in a variety of expressive nuances, filtering diverse influences (electro-pop, downtempo, psihedelic, techno-dance, avant-garde, contemporary classical) in personal attitudes filled with emotion and atmosphere.


The InnerSound show will be a challenge, first of all for the creator of LeVant, George Stănciulescu, who will present some of his experimental compositions, but also for his guests, some of them for the first time in this project. The challenge will be to shape up an experiment that will migrate through the space between trivial and extravagant, human and technological, discipline and anarchy, while intensely staking on collateral, non-musical forces: performance, dance, kinetic and visual installations. By spiraling open interpretations and seductive versatilities, LeVant will dive into InnerSound’s “vortex” theme, offering the electronic and experimental music lovers a dazzling performance filled with vertigos and novelty.

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