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September 2014

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International New Arts Festival

August 26-31 2013

2nd edition - MYSTERIUM

InnerSound New Arts Festival was created by young and enthusiastic artists from Romania, who gave it an unique format at its first edition in 2012. The organizer (OPUS Association) and its partners are set to offer the people in Bucharest a fresh sonic and visual oasis at the end of each torrid August.

Left: photo by Sabina Ulubeanu

InnerSound New Arts Festival wishes to create a new perspective on art music by embedding it in different visual projects – from photography exhibition, silent short movies with live music to multimedia shows. InnerSound is growing into a strong platform for the emerging composers, instrumentalists, photographers, visual artists and film directors, while at the same time including in its program internationally renowned artists (such as Alexandru Tomescu, Henry Vega, Anat Spiegel, Dublin Sound Lab or Irina Ungureanu, in 2012).

The theme of InnerSound 2013 is Mysterium. Provocative and challenging for both the artists and the audience, Mysterium refers to the European medieval tradition of syncretism. The idea of “mystery plays”, the predecessors of theatrical manifestations, is updated to contemporary secular realities. The InnerSound audience is invited to discover the hidden meaning behind every event, by hearing, seeing, feeling and interacting with the magic the artists prepared for them.

The starting point? Again, a photo by Sabina Ulubeanu.

Events in 2013:


  • MULTIMEDIA PERFORMANCES GEST (Poland) - Bytom Crew and Friends (Krzysztof Wolek - live electronics, Domink Strycharski - voice, recorders, electronics, Sebastian Smolyn - trombone, electronics, Artur Smolyn - electronics, Marysia Stoklosa & Aleksandra Borys – movement); WEAPON OF CHOICE (Austria)– Barbara Lueneburg (violin, electric violin, iPod) & Marko Ciciliani (computer, iPod, lights, video); OPUS.ART  (Romania) - Cătălin Creţu – synthesisers, electronics & Aleaxndru Dan - percussions; AROUND AND ABOUT ARACHNEEA (Romania) – Irinel Anghel (performer) & Mihai Cucu (video)

  • EXPERIMENTAL POP CONCERT from Holland: CONTROLLAR (Anat Spiegel – voice, Thomas Myrmel – computer, Gur Spiegel – drums)

  • SILENT FILM NIGHT short silent films with live music performed by a chamber music group and written by young Romanian composers, an original and exciting InnerSound event that had a huge success last year

  • CHAMBER MUSIC CONCERTS ENCOUNTERS IN TIME AND SPACE – a series of concerts that mix musics from all eras and styles, that also started in 2012. Performers: Matei Ioachimescu (flute), Laurenţiu Darie (bassoon), Raluca Stratulat (violin), Ana Topalovic (cello), Adriana Toacsen and Madalina Florescu (piano) 

  • VOCAL RECITAL ANAT SPIEGEL (Holland): voice, guitar

  • ELECTRONIC MUSIC DARK ROOM AUDITIONS  - an audio installation with international electronic musics (Henry Vega, Marcus Beuter, Octavian Nemescu, Calin Ioachimescu, Farang/Stefan Schmidt, Fluidian/Emil Gherasim, Benoît and the Mandelbrots, Juan A. Romero and more) @ BlackBox (Amzei 5)

  • PANTOMIME-CONCERTGYÖRGY LIGETI’s Musica Ricercata and Hungarian Rock (re)interpreted by Adiana Paler-Nicolescu (piano) and Mihai Bisericanu (actor)


MONDAY, August 26th

Entrance: 10 RON

Löwendal House

Piața Gh. Cantacuzino nr.1, sector 2

7 p.m. Opening of the photo exhibition 'Contemporary Mysteries'

The exhibition is open daily between August 27th - September 7th, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. (free entrance during that period)

Can the contemporary world still reveal the hidden, subtle side of phenomena and feelings? How do film and camera intercept the most intimate experiences awaked by ordinary or impressive events? 

Photographers: Johanna Si (special guest, Austria), Șerban Mestecăneanu, Cornel Brad, Cristina Irian, Mihai Cucu, Sabina Ulubeanu, Lucian Muntean (Romania) and the winners of the 'Contemporary Mysteries' photo project competition

Jury: Alexandru Tomescu (violin player), Șerban Mestecăneanu (photographer, director of the Bucharest Photography Salon), Lucian Muntean (photographer, editor at, Sabina Ulubeanu (composer, photographer, Artistic Director of InnerSound) 

7:30 p.m. Encounters in Time and Space I - chamber music concert

This mini-series of chamber music concerts guides the audience from one era to another, from one style to another, in a perpetually surprising journey through newer or older musics. 

Duo ATRIS: Raluca Stratulat - violin, Adriana Toacsen - piano (Romania)

Francis Poulenc - Piano Suite (Presto; Andante; Vif)

Witold Lutosławski - Subito for violin and piano

Cătălin Creţu - Sonatina for violin and piano

Sabina Ulubeanu - Fugue for solo violin 

Robert Schumann - Sonata no.2 op.121 in D minor for violin and piano (1. Ziemlich langsam - Lebhaft; 2. Sehr lebhaft; 3.  Leise, einfach

4.- Bewegt)

8:30 p.m. Opening Cocktail 


TUESDAY, August 27th

Entrance: 10 RON

BlackBox (NAG Atelier)

Piaţa Amzei nr.5, sector 1

7 p.m. Opening of the electronic music installation 'Dark Room Auditions'

The installation is open daily between August 28th - August 31st, 2 p.m. - 7 p.m. (free entrance during that period). The time schedule can be found HEREIn the day of the opening, we will play only a fragment of the 5h installation.

An initiative of the Romanian Music Information Center (CIMRO) that places Romanian electronic and electroacoustic music in an international context. Leave all your worries and prejudices behind, listen with your "eyes wide shut" and enter a magical world of mysterious sounds. 

Music by: Sillyconductor (Colour reading room), Henry Vega (ONEderfull; Orbit Correction; A Thousand Tones; East of the Lake Mix; Piano Music 1), Farang/Stefan Schmidt (Ashqem – Sketches for processed classical guitar), Călin Ioachimescu (Digital Birds),  Cătălin Creţu (Luneburg Soundscape), Adrian Borza (Akedia), Fluidian/Emil Gherasim (Inner Soundscapes, Soundpaintings), Avânt’n’Gard (Colinde netemperate - Susu-n 'naltul cerului,La sfarsitul lumii), Octavian Nemescu (Lacul Lacrimilor), Benoît and the Mandelbrots (Nadelrauschen), Juan A. Romero (Drone), Marcus Beuter (faszination maschine - der mensch in der reflektion I); Sillyconductor (Diorama)

Curator: Director of InnerSound and CIMRO coordinator)

A1 Bar 

Piaţa Amzei nr.1, sector 1

8:30 p.m. Encounters in Time and Space II - chamber music concert
Laurenţiu Darie – bassoon, Mădălina Florescu – piano (Romania)

Gordon Jacob - Partita for bassoon (1. Preludio; 2. Valse; 3. Presto; 4. Aria antique; 5. Capricietto)

Antonio Vivaldi - Sonata in E minor for bassoon and cembalom (1. Largo; 2. Allegro; 3. Largo; 4. Allegro)

Nicolae Brânduş - Melopedie şi Fugă for bassoon

Edward Elgar - Romance for bassoon and piano

Cristian Bence-Muk - Meditations of a Lonely Basoon 

Paul Jelescu - Rapsodie dobrogeană for bassoon and piano


WEDNESDAY, August 28th

Free Entrance

The Romanian Peasant Museum, Aquarium Hall

Str. Kiseleff nr. 3 (intrarea Monetăriei), sector 1

5 p.m. Five O’Clock Symposium 

How do we relate to the everyday mysteries? How can Art answer our deepest questions? Interplay, relaxation and passion in an open discussion.


Stefan Firca (musicologist) - "The Mystery of a Crowd: Audio-Visual Comments with Tanks and Clowns" 

Laura Manolache (musicologist, composer) - "Variations on the Theme of Mystery"
Maria Balabas (musicologist, journalist, member of Avant'n'Gard experimental group) - "About Improvised Music, Sonorous Walks and Radio Metaphores" 
Mirona Radu (filmmaker, photographer) - "Real and Unreal in Photography" 

Little Workshop of Experiential Composition (Irinel Anghel, Romania)

Theoretical exposition ("Experiential Composition as an Alternative Educational Practice") and a free demonstrative workshop. Sign-up for active participation until August 26th 2013, at the following address: [email protected]. Musicians and non-musicians allowed, the maximum number of participants being 9. 


THURSDAY, August 29th

Free Entrance

The National University of Music in Bucharest, The Opera and Multimedia Studio

Str. Ştirbei Vodă nr. 33, sector 1

7 p.m. Pantomime Concert -  György Ligeti
Adriana Paler-Nicolescu - piano (Austria),  Mihai Bisericanu - actor (Romania)

Works by György Ligeti Musica Ricercata, Hungarian Rock

'Musica Ricercata' – a search for music, from one note to all 12 of them. A set of 11 short pieces for piano that György Ligeti wrote between 1952-53, before eloping to Germany, where he will form one of the most original and complex musical languages in the XXth century. A search for music but also a search for his own style - even if they are deeply influenced by Bartok, the miniatures bear in them the seeds of what would become the Ligeti sound: deranged mechanisms, polyrhythms, wailing chromaticism, obsessive ostinatos. The last piece is an hommage to Girolamo Frescobaldi, the “father” of the ricercare form, a forerunner of the later fugue. Another hommage to the Baroque period is the fascinating 'Hungarian Rock', where Ligeti takes the strict Chacconne form – where a chord pattern is repeated while variations on it are played simultaneously - and embellishes it with wild improvisations, allusions to rock and jazz music (genres of music also based on chord repetition). All this with a delicious Hungarian flavour.

Rarely played in Romania, Ligeti’s music – vivid, enthralling sound-mechanisms - will be revealed by Adriana Paler-Nicolescu’s magical fingers and Mihai Bisericanu’s pantomime in an unique syncretic show.

8 p.m. The Bright Side of Mechanisms - multimedia concert Cătălin Creţu - keybords, electronics, Dan Alexandru – percussions, electronics; guests: Cătălin Milea - saxophone;  Ana Maria Costea & Tabita - performers (Romania)

9 p.m. Gest (Reakcja, Interpretacja, Komunikacja) - multimedia show
Bytom Crew and Friends: Krzysztof Wolek - live electronics, Domink Strycharski - voice, recorders, electronics, Sebastian Smolyn - trombone, electronics, Artur Smolyn - electronics, Marysia Stoklosa and Aleksandra Borys – movement (Poland)

The title 'Gest (Interpretacja, Reakcja, Komunikacja)' in Polish means 'Gesture (Interpretation, Reaction, Communication)'. The artists of the Bytom Crew and Friends that conceived the idea for this improvised music and movement show are interested in the discourse between sound and movement in which both mediums are equally influencing the other. Both movement and sound are equal partners creating a constantly evolving open form based on the art of listening, buildups, counterpoints, action, reaction and interaction. The project is conceived as an event which creates its own meaning, the essence of nonverbal communication. Seven elementary messages are points of departure and inspiration for each section of the piece: 1. Impulse; 2. Movement; 3. Arousal; 4. Manipulation; 5. Power; 6 Stagnation; 7 Resolution. These messages are also important and universal aspects of social interactions. 


FRIDAY, August 30th

Entrance: 10 RON

The Romanian Peasant Museum - Courtyard

Str. Kiseleff nr. 3 (intrarea Monetăriei), sector 1

7 p.m. Encounters in Time and Space III - chamber music concert
Matei Ioachimescu – flute, Ana Topalovic – cello (Austria)

Domenico Scarlatti - Allegro from Sonata for cembalom K 159

Alexandru Sima - Atavism for flute

Daniele Corsi - Dark Matter pentru cello (p.a.a)

Joseph Bodin de Boismortier - Rondo, Sarabande and Gavotte from the 3rd Suite for flute

Călin Ioachimescu - Celliphonia for cello and tape

Joachim Quantz - Prelude for flute

Alexandru Murariu - La Cathedrale de Rouen for flute and cello

Ülkemin Akbas - Tendril for flute and cello (W.P.)

Johann Sebastian Bach - Bourrée from the 3rd Suite for cello 

Corina Alexandra Tîrziman - Flight for  flute

Peteris Vasks - The Book for cello

Katrina Emtage - Winds on Waves for flute and cello

The Romanian Peasant Museum, Aquarium Hall

Str. Kiseleff nr. 3 (intrarea Monetăriei), sector 1

8 p.m. Anat Spiegel Recital – voice, guitar (Holland)

Works by: Morton Feldman, Henry Vega, Thomas Myrmel, Cecilia Arditto, Wilbert Bulsink, Anat Spiegel, Sabina Ulubeanu, Diana Rotaru

Guests: Thomas Myrmel - electronics, Raluca Stratulat - violin

Morton Feldman - Only (lyrics by Rainer Maria Rilke) for solo voice

Anat Spiegel - I'll be seeing you for voice and guitar

Henry Vega - How I extrovert you / like a sunken gong for solo voice

Claude Vivier - Tao Tao Tao arranged for voice and electronics

Diana Rotaru - I like (lyrics by E.E. Cummings) for voice, typewriter and tape

Thomas Myrmel - Parallax (lyrics by Walt Whitman) for voice, violin and electronics

Anat Spiegel - Oh how I for voice and guitar

Sabina Ulubeanu - Slide 1&2 (lyrics by Anat Spiegel) for voice and violin

The Romanian Peasant Museum - Courtyard

Str. Kiseleff nr. 3 (intrarea Monetăriei), sector 1

9:30 p.m. Silent Film Night 
Gabriel Bebeşelea – conductor, Octavian Moldovean – flute, Maria Chifu – bassoon, Raluca Stratulat – violin, Tamara Dica – viola, Eugen-Bogdan Popa - cello (Romania)

Anna Florea - Salon 216B – Music: Sebastian Androne

Simona Fitcal - Transhumant – Music: Diana Simon 

Nelio Costa – Sanctuary – Music: Şerban Marcu 

Liviu Varlam – The Boy and the Dog – Music: Gabriel Mălăncioiu

Mira Chendler – Hauntings – Music: Tudor Feraru

Cătălin Soare – Daylight – Music: Dan Popescu 

Mirona Radu - When building a home, consider orienting windows to the south – Music: Sabina Ulubeanu

Mihai Zgondoiu - Hefaistos Dream – Music: Cristian Bence-Muk 

Anda Puşcaş – Edge – Music: Diana Rotaru

Paul Richard-Tremeau - La boite à souvenirs (proiect pentru InnerSound) – Music: Alexandru Murariu

Ioana Mischie - Between already and not yet – Music: Adina Sibianu

Mihai Cucu – Samka – Music: Darie Nemeş-Bota

Şerban Jipa - The Dream of a Clothes Peg – Music: Ana Giurgiu-Bondue

Constantin Basica - Deadline - Music: Constantin Basica*

*on the recording,Orchestra of the University of Music and Theater Hamburg, conductor René Gulikers


SATURDAY, August 31st

Entrance: 10 RON

Clubul Ţăranului

Str. Kiseleff nr. 3 (intrarea Monetăriei), sector 1

7 p.m. Around and About Arachneea - multimedia performance
Irinel Anghel – soundacting, Mihai Cucu – live visuals (Romania)

Performative interventions: Valentina Chiriţă, Diana Rotaru

Normal is an illusion

(What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly

But, what if the spider itself is caught in its own web?)...

Irinel Anghel and Mihai Cucu develop crossing borders artistic experiences as interdisciplinary events with no gap between music, theatre, dance and video work. They offer a live "piece of art" inviting the participants to experiment themselves in this direct contact. Meeting Arahneea is about observing the interaction between our so many connections, thoughts, emotions, a huge invisible network made visible and audible by these 2 artists in their misterious performance.

The Romanian Peasant Museum - Courtyard

Str. Kiseleff nr. 3 (intrarea Monetăriei), sector 1

8.30 p.m. Weapon of Choice – multimedia performance
Barbara Lüneburg – violin, electric violin, iPad; Marko Ciciliani – iPad, live electronics, lasers, lights, video (Austria)

Marko Ciciliani - Intersection (2013) for live-electronics, live-video and lighting
Yannis Kyriakides - Bayesian Poison (2010) for violin, soundtrack and video
Yannis Kyriakides/Marko Ciciliani - 8'66'' (or everything that is irrelevant) (2012) for 2 iPad performers and video
Marko Ciciliani - Alias (2007) for e-violin, electronics, light and laser

Violinist Barbara Lüneburg invited composers and visual artists to collaborate with her in the creation of new multimedia works for electric or acoustic violin with the goal of exploring artistic relations that can be found between the classical instrument violin, mediated sound, and visuals. 

Details, HERE.

9:30 p.m. Controllar – Art Pop Concert

Anat Spiegel – vocals, Thomas Myrmel – computer, Gur Spiegel – drums (Holland)

Many thanks to all our friends who helped us through the WeAreHere platform!!!

Daita Serghi, Adriana Paler-Nicolescu, Ana Giurgiu-Bondue, Şerban Marcu, Amalia Pahomi, Alexandru Bălăşescu, Olga Tănase-Podobinschi, Eugenia Cojocaru, Liana Şerban, Mira Chendler, Sabina Yamamoto, Gabriel Teodorescu, Mariana Mihai Manolescu, Anamaria Porupca, Andreea Bradea, Nona Şerbănescu, Constantin Basica, Tudor Feraru, Corina Bordeianu, Raluca Stroie, Vlad Hurduc, Alexandra Făgărăşan, Minha Galera

InnerSound Team:

Artistic Directors: Sabina Ulubeanu, Diana Rotaru

Executive Director: Catalin Cretu (OPUS President)

PR: Mariana Manolescu

Graphic Design: Suzana Dan, Serban Jipa

Video: Mihai Cucu

Special thanks: Adina Hotinceanu, Oana Dobre, Irinel Anghel, Monica Isacescu (OPUS)

InnerSound International New Arts Festival is supported by 

Raiffeisen Bank