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Silent Film Night 2014

Posted by innersound on August 22, 2014 at 11:45 AM

VORTEX | September 19

ArCuB | 8 p.m.

Short films with live music



Conductor: Gabriel Bebeşelea


Performing: SonoMania ensemble - Ana Chifu (flute), Mihai Pintenaru (clarinet), Raluca Stratulat (violin), Tamara Dica (viola), Eugen-Bogdan Popa (cello)




Burn Baby, Burn (stop motion animation, Romania)

Director: Ana-Maria Cântăbine; Producers: Ana -Maria Cântăbine & Dorin Moldoveanu Music by: Gabriel Almaşi

Dream Shreds (animation, Holland)

Director: Mira Chendler; Producer: Hein van Dijk

Music by: Vlad Maistorovici

Three minutes to eight (short film, Romania)

Director: Răzvan Dima; Producer: Răzvan Dima

Music by: Mihai Murariu

Unlucky Charms (short film, U.S.A.)

Directors: David S. Dawson & Bryan Keith Davis; Producers: David S. Dawson, Bryan Keith Davis, Theresa Dawson Davis, Laura Marie Davis, Steven Schwartz

Music by: Sebastian Androne

This Room (performance/video art, Romania)

Director: Diana Gheorghiu; Producer: Diana Gheorghiu

Music by: Adina Sibianu

M A I (video art, Romania)

Director: Monica Vlad; Producer: Monica Vlad

Music by: Mihai Măniceanu

ÎnCerc (short film, Romania)

Director: Gabriel Durlan; Producer: Adelina Adochiței

Music by: Şerban Marcu

Dulceaţă de trandafiri (short film, Romania)

Director: Mirona Radu; Producers: Sorin Ana & Mirona Radu

Music by: Sabina Ulubeanu

The Gift (animation, Chile)

Director: Julio Pot; Producer: Cecilia Baeriswyl

Music by: Gabriel Mălăncioiu



The Silent Film Night is, at least for now, an unique event in Romania: a selection of short films is accompanied live by a ensemble that plays musics written especially for these films by the young generation of Romanian composers, graduates of different music universities in the country or abroad. InnerSound thus creates an interdisciplinary communication platform for the artists, with the potential to launch beautiful long-term collaborations, as well as breach the barriers between the music academies and visual arts. The excellent conductor Gabriel Bebeşelea, already renowned in spite of his young age, has passionately coordinated this project since the first edition, conducting some of the most talented young performers of the moment in Romania. SonoMania Ensemble has been very active since it was formed, in 2012, having already participated in important new music festivals in Romania and abroad.


In 2014, the Silent Film Night will be a kaleidoscope of short animations, films and visual projects from Romania, US, Holland and Chile, selected by a jury presided by Claudiu Mitcu (We are basca). The musics (all world premieres) are written by Gabriel Almaşi, Gabriel Mălăncioiu (Timişoara), Vlad Maistorovici (London), Şerban Marcu (Cluj), Sebastian Androne, Mihai Măniceanu, Mihai Murariu, Adina Sibianu and Sabina Ulubeanu (Bucharest).