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Weapon of Choice

Posted by innersound on August 7, 2013 at 2:15 PM

Detailed presentation:

'Intersection' (2013) by Marko Ciciliani is a work for live-electronics, live-video and lighting. The visual material consists of two video recordings of an intersection in the center of Zürich that were recorded in the Summer of 2012. Both recordings have been taken from exactly the same position, one during daytime, the other during nighttime. This active intersection shows people in transit; as pedestrians, on bicycles, in cars or public transportation.

In the piece “Intersection” rapid changes between these two recordings and their color-inverted versions are taking place, creating an illusory impression of the otherwise static image. In a second section, two zoomed-in images of groups of persons form the focus. Here, the visuals are expanded by the additional use of light fixtures.


Because of the "military"-perspective of the camera, issues of surveillance of public spaces are evoked. This atmosphere is intensified by the use of a chopped up transmission of police radio that has been used as part of the sonic material.

Changes of the sonic texture as well as the video images are controlled in real-time by an algorithmic pattern-generator. The police radio transmission is dissected using waveset granulation. The remainder of the electronics is based on conventional synthesis techniques without concrete sonic material. All sound synthesis is programmed in SuperCollider while the processing of the images has been realized with the C++ based programming environment OpenFrameworks.


In 'Bayesian Poison' by Yannis Kyriakides, virtuoso violin playing, both real and faked underpin a video made up of spam mail texts . The piece moves at a fast pace through a myriad of elaborate scams, random spam poetry and 'phishing' emails that appeal to our greedier natures in trying to lure us to get something for nothing. There is a deliberate association to the fiddling devil in folklore trying to mesmerize us into an illicit exchange.
Bayesian Poison refers to the practice of adding random words to spam emails in order to bypass statistical word filters.


'8′66″' is a collaborative work created by Yannis Kyriakides and Marko Ciciliani. In the doubling of its duration, this work has a certain relation to Cage's seminal work '4'33"'. Silence plays a certain function in this piece. Cage's works, “One”, the light film, is the main source of the visual material, resampled and processed with feedback loops by Marko. Yannis visually deconstructed as a text-film Cage's quote “Rhythm is everything that is irrelevant” overlaying onto Marko's light film. The two players are each operating an iPad, with two profile spots that are positioned on the left and right edge of the stage area. On the iPads are sound and video clips which relate to two materials on the large screen - and which are triggered by the players, moving in the space of the auditorium and the stage.


For Marko Ciciliani, audio and visual concept have equal parts in his composition 'Alias'. In his hands music, light and laser transform the space into an immersive, almost physical experience for performer and beholder alike. The look-and-feel of Alias is inspired by Japanese mangas, pop and the visual phenomenon of aliasing. Ciciliani supplies a firework of energy and light, abducting us into new worlds off the beaten track of classical violin repertoire.