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Octavian Nemescu - composer

Posted by innersound on August 6, 2013 at 7:00 AM

One of the most original Romanian composers, preoccupied with non-spectacular, meta-ritualistic musical languages and archaetypal recuperation, Octavian Nemescu was born in 1940, in Pascani, Romania. Through many years, from his youth, he contributed decisively to the development of the avant-garde in Romanian music. Octavian Nemescu and his colleagues launched the spectral current in Romanian music (Illuminations for orchestra, 1967), with an orientation towards the usage of the "ison" (drone). Another current launched by Nemescu and his colleagues was the archetypal one (Concentric, 1969), based on the aesthetics of essentialisation. Next Nemescu was interested in the problems of the open opera, of the conceptualism (practicing the diagrammatic conceptualism), of ambiental music (with ecologist traits, in collaboration with artist Wanda Mihuleac), of procesual (transformational) music, alongside Lucian Metianu, of ritual music ("Combinations in circles", 1965, "Will the King die!?", "Suggestions", "Memorial" 1968).

He made projects with ritualic characteristics, on large surfaces both in space and in time, with the goal of liberating the performing act of the spectacular context of a concert hall and to permit the performance of music in the energetic entourage of the nature, of Cosmos (Non-Symphony no. 5, "of the Endings", The second stage, ritualic, non-spectacular and collective with the title "Le Lac des Larmes/ The Lake of Tears", 1992 or "Pre-Symphony no. 6, "of the beginnings", non-spectacular, 2000 etc.). Nemescu showed interest towards the multidirectional musical speech from the temporal perspective or, said in a different way, thepolyphony of the times or the POLY-TEMPORALITY: the synthesis of the linear time, continuous and non-continuous, with the circular one, closed or open, in a spiral, and with the non-temporality (Combinations in circles 1965, Concentric 1969, Metabizantinirikon 1984, OU for 11 AM 2004, A=1 for midday2005, "ErAImII or EAE ou EA" for 1PM).

Nemescu wrote symphonic music, coral, chamber, electro-acoustic, ambiental music, meta-music, imaginary music, collective & individual rituals that require not only hearing but also the other senses: visual, olfactive, gustatory and tactile. The timing of this rituals starts from seconds and evolves to minutes, hours, days, weeks, month, decades and centuries. His music was performed in many important cultural centers. Some of his works are recorded, recently, on 5 CDs.



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