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Mattias Petersson - composer

Posted by innersound on August 6, 2013 at 8:00 AM

Mattias Petersson was born 1972 on a small island off the south-east coast of Sweden. His musical career begun with piano studies but after taking his music teacher exam at Ingesunds Musikhögskola, he decided to become a composer instead. He moved to Visby for studies with Sven-David Sandström at the Gotland School of Music Composition. Currently he lives in Stockholm, where he also studied electro-acoustic composition for seven years at the Royal College of Music with prof. Bill Brunson, prof. Pär Lindgren and others. His music has been described as a mix between ambient electronica, industry and crackling noise. Since the critically acclaimed debut album “Mimer” (Fylkingen Records, 2003), which was based upon sounds from a defunct iron mine, Petersson’s industrial soundscape has been mixed with modular synths, pianos and orchestra samples, treated through dirty filters and digital distortion. Fylkingen Records has since then also released the large scale electronic surround piece ”STRÖM” on DVD. Mattias also released some music on his own label “Wickerwork Recordings”, and contributes with a track on the MP3 compilation “The Post_piano2 Open Remix Project” on the renowned electronica label 12k. In March 2008 he released the album ”Floodlight” on the label Ideal Recordings. During the same year the celebrated album ”There are no more four seasons”, a re-composition of Vivaldis Four seasons for violin and live-electronics, was released on SEKT records. Besides writing electronic music and performing solo, Petersson has been working as electronic musician and composer with musicians and ensembles like The Pëarls Before Swïne Experience, electric guitar ensemble KROCK, flute player Sabine Vogel, double bass player Johan Berthling, recorder player Anna Petrini, violinist George Kentros and different chamber orchestras. He has also written an electronic opera and music for eight dance performances. Several of these projects have been touring around the world.





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