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Mihai Bisericanu - actor

Posted by innersound on August 6, 2013 at 8:05 AM

Born on February 5th, 1962, Mihai Bisericanu studied piano for 10 years at the Dinu Lipatti Music Higschool, before graduating electrotechnics at his secondary school, the Gheorghe Șincai higschool, in 1981. His multi-valent education led to his Bachelor Of Arts in Acting Class (1990) at the Bucharest Theatre and Film Academy (ATF), after studying with Mihai Mălaimare. During this time, he sang in the new-wave group Dar (that later became Imaginenative, 1981-84) and several years in the Romanian Radio Academic Choir (1981-1988). Between 1990-1995 he was an actor in the Comedy Theatre; he is currently an actor at the Bulandra Theatre (member in Europene Theatres Union). He was shortly the musical manager of the TOTAL Radio Station, at its beginnings (in 1993). He worked over 8 years in Ager Studio (for Disney), doing voice overs and being dubbing-director and musical manager. He has been an associate professor in Vocal and Corporal Trainig at the Caragiale University of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography (UNATC) since 2006.



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