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Dominik Strycharski - voice, recorders, electronics

Posted by innersound on August 6, 2013 at 8:15 AM

Dominik Strycharski (born 1975) - Polish composer, recorder player, singer, improviser, performer and writer. He plays and composes contemporary jazz in many electronic and acoustic incarnations as well as contemporary music, , theater music, post-hip-hop, noise and various types of improvised music in his own Pulsarus Band, DKS Trio and Organic Panic Quartett. He also works with contemporary vocal techniques, and as one of the few in Poland, plays improvised music and jazz on modern recorders/blockflutes. He also creates Doministry, multi-dimensional solo project that combines contemporary electronic music, performance and electro-ambient. This project is developed with the voice and its total electronic transformation. Improvisation plays a very important role in the project, open to all possible influences and concepts.

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