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Anat Spiegel - voice

Posted by innersound on August 6, 2013 at 9:40 AM

The lack of experimental, versatile voices in the Romanian art music scene means that Anats presence in InnerSound 2013 with a vocal recital is even more so important. Anat Spiegel (Israel, 1979) is a vocalist, performer and composer dedicating her talent to the uprising order of cross- platform, interdisciplinary performance; combining and deconstructing in her work the endless possibilities of theater, movement, film and music. Since graduating from the Amsterdam conservatory in 2004 Anat has been involved in numerous projects and art based residencies; performing, researching and guiding contemporary works.

Spiegel is member of the experimental pop duo Controllar (also present in InnerSound 2013) and a regular interpretor of new vocal works by Wilbert Bulsink, Henry Vega and Bart de Vrees. Working in collaboration with opera and musical theater director Sjaron Minailo and Studio Minailo, Anat composed and performed the music for the stage productions Gogol, Al Raraiz, Bat Lilith, War fair and La femme humain, as well as the video operas Khadish andSoulseek. Combining voice and text based work with movement and dance, Anat has worked alongside choreographers Hillary Blake Firestone,Inari Salmivaara, Georg Hobmeier and Ji-hun yong as well as with performance collectives Glue and The Spy collective.

Anat is a member of the curatorial collective The Living Room(s) and a vocal technique teacher at the Amsterdam theater school. Her works have been shown in Europe, the United states, Japan and Israel.



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