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Thomas Myrmel

Posted by innersound on August 6, 2013 at 3:05 PM

Thomas Myrmel (1982) began his studies of composition at the Columbia College (USA) with Gustavo Leone and Augustus Reed Thomas. After studying further with Jean-philippe Lavergne at the Conseratoire Regionale de Rennes (Fr), he completed his studies at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (NL) with Wim Henderickx and Jorrit Tamminga; where he produced wrote and directed with the chamber opera LE VOISIN for his graduation.

Following the multifaceted graduation project, Thomas spent the next several years refining his compositional technique in application to other mediums in order to create large performances. His works include use of text, dance, film and visual media to extend the musical language which forms the basis for these works. He has had performances in Ilios Festival (NO), Israel Biennial (IL), ARS Electronica (USA), Cesta (CZ), Twee Takt (NL) and Amsterdam theater Fringe (NL), Theaterfestival Impulse (DE), Theatrical Reminiscences Festival (PL), and Crash.Boom.Bau. Festival (DE).

Outside of his compositional work, Thomas has become an accomplished electronic musician, performing a self-made instrument which uses a motion tracking glove to control synthesized sound. He primarily uses this instrument in his electronic group with Anat Spiegel and Gur Spiegel: Controllar. Controllar has had a pleasure to tour extensively in the USA as well as Norway, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and Israel. Important performances have been in (Le) Poisson Rouge in New York city, Club Revolver in Oslo and the Israeli Biennale in Herzliya.

In addition to his own works, Thomas is constantly involved in collaboration. Thomas has collaborated with composers Wilbert Bulsink, Anat Spiegel, Bart de Vrees, visual artists Keren Cytter, Noa Giniger, Zhana Ivanova, choreographers Valentina Campora, Inari Salmivaara, theater collectives GLUE, AndCompany&Co, as well as directors Sjaron Minailo, Anthony Heidweiller and Karen Johnson.

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