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Wilbert Bulsink

Posted by innersound on August 6, 2013 at 3:10 PM

Composer Wilbert Bulsink was born on 10 July 1983 in Doetinchem, the Netherlands. He studied piano under Ton Hartsuiker and Gert-Jan Vermeulen, instrumentation under Theo Verbey and composition under Daan Manneke, Wim Henderickx and Theo Loevendie. He also studied electronica under Kees Tazelaar, Jorrit Tamminga and Jos Zwaanenburg. In 2008, he completed his composition studies with distinction. During the course of his studies, Bulsink played church organ and was keyboard player/arranger in the rock band Magic Fish. At an early age, Bulsink's work was performed by the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble and Orkest de Ereprijs. In 1999, his composition for orchestra Ontdekkingen was selected for the Nederlands Balletorkest's Young Composters Project. Prelude no. 2 (2003) was performed during the World Music Days in Ljubljana. In 2006, he worked together with Thomas Myrmel on the composition of the multimedia performance The Expected for 5 singers/speakers, an 11-man ensemble and electronics, based on a short film by Keren Cytter. In 2007, he composed Air (an eternal music) for the Nieuw Ensemble supplemented by sho, duduk and qanun. In 2008 and 2009 some of his commissioned pieces were performed by the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble. He also wrote some short piano pieces and some short pieces for the Ziggurat ensemble and the Rosa Ensemble.

In 1998, Wilbert Bulsink won a first prize at the Prinses Christina Concours with Prelude no. 1. In 1999, he received the NOG Stimuleringsprijs [encouragement prize] for Ontdekkingen. In October 2005, he was presented with the first Jan van Vlijmen Prize for new composers. The Proms in Paradiso Programme Prize was awarded to Bulsink in 2006 for The Expected. In 2009, his composition Op/Weg … geblazen for air piano and an ensemble was selected for Toonzetters 2009, and in 2010 his composition Koranfragment was selected for Toonzetters 2010.

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