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Mihai Zgondoiu - visual artist

Posted by innersound on August 6, 2013 at 3:30 PM

Mihai Zgondoiu was born on 5th of February 1982 in Mediaş. He graduated the West University in Timişoara, Faculty of Arts and Design. He is licensed and has a master’s degree in Graphics. In 2008 he was co-curator of the IEEB3 International Biennial of Experimental Engraving in Mogoşoaia – Bucharest. He is a performing artist in drawing, painting, experimental print, video-installations, performance, urban art. Starting with 2008 he is a PHD candidate at the Bucharest National University of Arts. Starting with 2009 he coordinates visual projects at the ATELIER 030202 gallery, a place dedicated to contemporary art. He is a member of the Visual Artists Union of Romania UAP.

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