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Fludian / Emil Gherasim - composer, sound artist

Posted by innersound on August 8, 2013 at 4:15 AM

Fluidian (Emil Gherasim, b. 1973) is a transylvanian composer, guitarist and sound artist. His works including electronic art music, film scores and ambiental soundscapes for visuals. Started largely as a self–taught musician, lately guitarist and co-author of progressive band Psycho Symphony and then studied new classical music composition with Ede Terényi at Gh.Dima Music Academy in Cluj Napoca. His music can be considered to be very personal and deep meditative with a huge visual emotions. Known for collaboration with Ede Terényi consisting in electronic re-orchestration of some of his works and creating music based on his Design Music graphical scores. He also create and perform improvised soundscapes with live electronics for visual projects under his stage name Fluidian.


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