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Controllar - art pop trio

Posted by innersound on August 6, 2013 at 9:45 AM

After singer Anat Spiegel seduced the entire audience of InnerSound 2012, people from Bucharest have the chance to hear her live again. The Amsterdam-based experimental pop group Controllar is closing the second edition of InnerSound at the end of August 2013.

Controllar is Anat Spiegel (voice), Thomas Myrmel (computer) and Gur Spiegel (drums). “Controllar is Art Pop- gone experimental, then gone pop again. And it is oh so sexy. Their need to breed distorted beauty in life & music leads them to conjure up venomous pop songs – Imagine David Bowie in a glass slipper kissing a drunk Nina Simone to the twelve chimes of Portishead. And it is OH so sexy.”

Controllar released their first EP Controllar 1 in 2009, following by their critically acclaimed Controllar 2: live in Levontin in 2011. Their studio album 'only strangers are normal' is expected in fall 2012. The group has has numerous tours in Europe and Japan.






"Controllar, an Amsterdam based electronic duo, performed a set of engagingly twitchy art- pop songs... Anat Spiegel achingly sang lines from T.S Eliot's "Portrait of a lady" ("Dance, dance/ like a dancing bear") while Thomas Myrmel conjured up gritty grooves with a video game controller." Alex Ross - The New Yorker

“Of a very different caliber is Controllar. The duo, composed by the great singer Anat Spiegel and the intriguing computer nerd Thomas Myrmel, is one live act to see ... The performance, with Thomas’ impressive hand gestures while controling his computer and Anat’s ​​powerful voice, is definitely one that you should see again.” Christiaan Walraven - 3voor12

“There's something vaguely poppy in their chantable choruses and hypnotic grooves, and there's something defiantly art-school and confrontational in their off-kilter electro-sounds and declamatory vocals. Sometimes it all comes together as a bit of weird, haunting ear candy.” FCW Editorial - Fairfield County Weekly

“Onstage, it's hard to find a comparison... the duo creates a wide-ranging montage from atmospheric electronica to silly techno-bop romps.” Guy D'astolfo - The Vindicator

“The electronic pop duo delivers a great live performance with weird songs, somewhere between Portishead, experimental electronics and jazz.” 3voor12

“A wash of eerie synth mixes with a heartbeat pulse... Imagine 'Everything But the Girl' as an evil, experimental empire, and you have something to chew on. ” Jim Macnie - The Providence Phoenix

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